The Next Generation Marketing Cloud

Zeta's Artificial Intelligence Marketing Cloud powers customer acquisition, usage, cross-sell, up-sell and retention programs through a mix of people-based data, machine-based learning and omni-channel campaign management to move the revenue needle and improve marketing ROI.

What Makes ZetaHub Marketing Different?

Single Console to Personalize Customer Experiences at Every Micro-Moment.

The world has changed drastically. Consumers today are connected as never before.

The Connected Consumer is:

  • + Filtering
  • + Engaging
  • + Researching
  • + Sharing
  • + Communicating

Marketers know more than ever, but changes have occurred at a slower pace and with uneven results. The rise of the Connected Consumer has exposed the Disconnected Organization—misaligned goals, fragmented data, siloed departments, multiple sources of truth and lack of accountability. But it doesn't have to be that way.

ZetaHub connects brands to consumers through:

  • + People-based data. Single view of consumer/customer data at an identity level to know your audience as never before.
  • + Omni-channel campaign management. Intuitive tools to engage your audience across touchpoints and experiences.
  • + Artificial Intelligence-driven personalization. Real-time decision engine that tailors messaging at every micro-moment.
  • + Consolidated reporting analysis. Single console, single source of truth across all Customer Marketing programs to understand behavior and enable optimization.
  • + Unmatched expertise and execution. Zeta's world-class services enable marketers to realize the full potential of the ZetaHub and maximize return on marketing investment.